April, 2020

This is a time of artistic and financial uncertainty time for all freelance artists and musicians, myself included. 

But it is also a time of discovery, and to try new things. 

So I have relaunched my project website

The site has evolved into a place where I explore a wide variety of musical interests and projects.

As a conductor and musician I have been lucky to work with some amazing people, and to discover all kinds of music from symphonic, to opera, to musical theatre, to contemporary, to jazz. My fiddle playing, especially during my time in Berlin, brought me into the world of improvisation and bands - it was amazing to let loose on stage and just be a rockstar (well that's how it seemed in my mind at least!)

I've been also playing more piano, and improvising - discovering some amazing people sharing their talent on YouTube and through online courses. Alongside this, I've been discovering the world of photography!

Through I'll be sharing videos and content where I explore a wide array of musical topics -  conducting, composition (my own and others), fiddle playing from Ireland and all over, improvisations and ideas on music and the world. 

I'd love to hear from you with your suggestions, progress and ideas for the project! Happy Exploring!!